I created this listing on a whim after reading a post by my friend Tony Williams regarding the lack of data on RN destroyer losses.

This listing includes all RN, RAN and RCN destroyers that were either sunk or declared as a Constructive Total Loss (CTL). Near the end of the war, many damaged ships fell into this latter category as new construction more than outpaced losses.

Losses during 1939

Name Date Cause Gunfire Ship Torpedo Submarine Torpedo Aircraft Torpedo Mine Bombs Accident Other
Blanche 13-Nov-39 Mined
Gypsy 21-Nov-39 Mined
Duchess 12-Dec-39 Collision with HMS Barham
Total 0 0 0 0 2 0 1 0

Losses during 1940

Name Date Cause Gunfire Ship Torpedo Submarine Torpedo Aircraft Torpedo Mine Bombs Accident Other
Grenville 19-Jan-40 Mined
Exmouth 27-Jan-40 Torpedoed by U22
Daring 3-Feb-40 Torpedoed by U23
Glowworm 8-Apr-40 Gunfire by and collision with German cruiser Admiral Hipper
Gurkha 9-Apr-40 Bombed by Ju.87 and He.111
Hardy 10-Apr-40 Gunfire by German Destroyers Georg Thiele and Bernd von Arnim
Hunter 10-Apr-40 a) Gunfire by German Destroyers Georg Thiele and Bernd von Arnim
b) Torpedo from Georg Thiele
c) Collision with HMS Hotspur
Afridi 3-May-40 Bombed by Ju.87
Valentine 13-May-40 Bombed by Ju.87
Salved and scrapped Jan-53
Whitley 19-May-40 Bombed by German aircraft
Wessex 24-May-40 Bombed by German aircraft
Wakeful 29-May-40 Torpedoed by S-30
Grafton 29-May-40 Torpedoed by U62
Grenade 29-May-40 Bombed by German aircraft
Keith 1-Jun-40 Bombed by Ju.87
Basilisk 1-Jun-40 Bombed by German aircraft
Havant 1-Jun-40 Bombed by German aircraft
Ardent 8-Jun-40 Sunk by gunfire from German battleships Scharnhorst and Gneisenau
Acasta 8-Jun-40 Sunk by gunfire from German battleships Scharnhorst and Gneisenau
Khartoum 22-Jun-40 Gunfire from Italian submarine Torricelli 1
Fraser 25-Jun-40 Collision with HMS Calcutta
Whirlwind 5-Jul-40 Torpedoed by U34
Escort 11-Jul-40 Torpedoed by Italian submarine Marconi
Imogen 16-Jul-40 Collision with HMS Glasgow
Brazen 20-Jul-40 Bombed by German aircraft
Codrington 27-Jul-40 Bombed by German aircraft
Wren 27-Jul-40 Bombed by German aircraft
Delight 29-Jul-40 Bombed by German aircraft
Hostile 21-Aug-40 Mined
Esk 30-Aug-40 Mined
Ivanhoe 1-Sep-40 Mined
Venetia RAN 19-Oct-40 Mined
Margaree RCN 22-Oct-40 Collision with MV Port Fairey
Sturdy 30-Oct-40 Grounding, Island of Tiree, Scotland
Cameron 15-Dec-40 Bombed by German aircraft
CTL, scrapped Nov-44
Acheron 17-Dec-40 Mined
Hyperion 22-Dec-40 Torpedoed by Italian submarine Serpente
Total 6 1 6 0 6 14 4 0

Losses during 1941

Name Date Cause Gunfire Ship Torpedo Submarine Torpedo Aircraft Torpedo Mine Bombs Accident Other
Gallant 10-Jan-41 Mined
CTL, expended as blockship at Malta, wreck broken up in 1953
Dainty 24-Feb-41 Bombed by Ju.88
Exmoor 25-Feb-41 Torpedoed by S-30
Mohawk 16-Apr-41 Torpedoed by Italian Destroyer Tarigo
Wryneck 27-Apr-41 Bombed by Ju.87
Diamond 27-Apr-41 Bombed by Ju.87
Jersey 27-Apr-41 Mined
Juno 21-May-41 Bombed by Italian Cant Z.1007
Greyhound 22-May-41 Bombed by Ju.87
Kelly 23-May-41 Bombed by Ju.87
Kashmir 23-May-41 Bombed by Ju.87
Mashona 28-May-41 Bombed by He.111
Imperial 29-May-41 Scuttled following a steering failure
Failure probably caused by near-misses from German aircraft bombs the previous day
Hereward 29-May-41 Bombed by Ju.87
Waterhen RAN 29-Jun-41 Bombed by German aircraft
Defender 11-Jul-41 Bombed by German aircraft
Fearless 23-Jul-41 Torpedoed by Italian aircraft
Broadwater 18-Oct-41 Torpedoed by U101
Cossack 23-Oct-41 Torpedoed by U563
Stanley 19-Dec-41 Torpedoed by U574
Kandahar 20-Dec-41 Mined
Thracian 24-Dec-41 Scuttled after suffering grounding damage at Hong Kong
Salved by the Japanese and commissioned as Patrol Boat No. 101 and later as Training Boat No. 1
Repatriated at the end of the war and scrapped in 1946
Vimiera 9-Jan-42 Mined
Total 0 2 3 1 4 12 1 0

Losses during 1942

Name Date Cause Gunfire Ship Torpedo Submarine Torpedo Aircraft Torpedo Mine Bombs Accident Other
Gurkha 17-Jan-42 Torpedoed by U133
Matabele 17-Jan-42 Torpedoed by U454
Thanet 27-Jan-42 Gunfire from Japanese destroyers Amagiri, Hatsuyuki and Shirayuki
Belmont 31-Jan-42 Torpedoed by U82
Maori 12-Feb-42 Bombed by German aircraft
Electra 27-Feb-42 Gunfire from Japanese destroyer Asagumo
Jupiter 27-Feb-42 Strayed into a Dutch minefield
Encounter 1-Mar-42 Gunfire from Japanese cruisers Myoko and Ashigara
Stronghold 1-Mar-42 Gunfire from Japanese cruiser Maya and destroyers Arashi and Nowaki
Vortigern 15-Mar-42 Torpedoed by S-104
Heythrop 20-Mar-42 Torpedoed by U652
Southwold 24-Mar-42 Mined
Jaguar 26-Mar-42 Torpedoed by U652
Legion 26-Mar-42 Bombed by German aircraft
CTL, scrapped 1946
Campeltown 28-Mar-42 Expended as a Blockship
Tenedos 5-Apr-42 Bombed by Japanese aircraft
Lance 5-Apr-42 Bombed by German aircraft
CTL, scrapped Jun-44
Havock 6-Apr-42 Grounding off Kelibia, Tunisia
Vampire RAN 9-Apr-42 Bombed by Japanese aircraft
Kingston 11-Apr-42 Bombed by German aircraft
CTL, used as a blockship at Malta, scrapped in situ 1950s
Punjabi 1-May-42 Collision with HMS King George V
Lively 11-May-42 Bombed by Ju.88
Kipling 11-May-42 Bombed by Ju.88
Jackal 11-May-42 Bombed by Ju.88
Grove 12-Jun-42 Torpedoed by U77 (slowed due to grounding damage)
Bedouin 15-Jun-42 a) Gunfire by Italian cruisers Raimondo Montecuccoli and Eugenio di Savoia
b) Torpedoed by Italian SM.79 aircraft
1/2 ❌
1/2 ❌
Hasty 15-Jun-42 Torpedoed by S-55
Airedale 15-Jun-42 Bombed by Ju.87
Nestor 16-Jun-42 Bombed by Ju.87
Wild Swan 17-Jun-42 Bombed by Ju.88 and collision with Spanish fishing vessel
Foresight 11-Aug-42 Torpedoed by Italian SM.79 aircraft
Berkeley 19-Aug-42 Bombed by German aircraft
Eridge 29-Aug-42 Torpedoed by Italian torpedo boat MTSM.228
CTL, scrapped Oct-46
Ottawa 14-Sep-42 Torpedoed by U91
Sikh 14-Sep-42 Gunfire from German shore batteries
Zulu 14-Sep-42 Bombed by Ju.87 and Ju.88
Somali 20-Sep-42 Torpedoed by U703
Voyager RAN 25-Sep-42 Grounding, Timor Island
Later attacked by Japanese aircraft but wrecked by own crew
Veteran 26-Sep-42 Torpedoed by U404
Broke 8-Nov-42 Gunfire by French shore batteries
Martin 10-Nov-42 Torpedoed by U431
Saguenay RCN 15-Nov-42 Collision with SS Azara
CTL, used for training, scrapped in 1946
Ithuriel 28-Nov-42 Bombed by German aircraft
Quentin 2-Dec-42 Bombed by Ju.88
Penylan 3-Dec-42 Torpedoed by S-115
Porcupine 9-Dec-42 Torpedoed by U602
CTL, scrapped May-46
Blean 11-Dec-42 Torpedoed by U443
Firedrake 17-Dec-42 Torpedoed by U211
Partridge 18-Dec-42 Torpedoed by U565
Achates 31-Dec-42 Gunfire from German cruiser Admiral Hipper
Total 7.5 4 14 1.5 2 16 4 1

Losses during 1943

Name Date Cause Gunfire Ship Torpedo Submarine Torpedo Aircraft Torpedo Mine Bombs Accident Other
Harvester 11-Mar-43 Torpedoed by U444
Lightning 12-Mar-43 Torpedoed by S-55 and S-158
Derwent 19-Mar-43 Torpedoed by Italian aircraft
Beverley 11-Apr-43 Torpedoed by U188
Pakenham 16-Apr-43 Scuttled following gunfire damage from Italian torpedo boat Cigno
Puckeridge 6-Sep-43 Torpedoed by U617
St. Croix 20-Sep-43 Torpedoed by U305
Intrepid 27-Sep-43 Bombed by German aircraft
Panther 3-Oct-43 Bombed by Ju.87
Hurworth 22-Oct-43 Mined
Limbourne 22-Oct-43 Torpedoed by German T22 or T26
Eclipse 24-Oct-43 Mined
Rockwood 11-Nov-43 Hit by Hs.293A glider bomb
Dulverton 11-Nov-43 Hit by Hs.293A glider bomb
Quail 15-Nov-43 Mined
Tynedale 12-Dec-43 Torpedoed by U593
Holcombe 12-Dec-43 Torpedoed by U593
Worcester 23-Dec-43 Mined
Hurricane 24-Dec-43 Torpedoed by U415
Total 1 2 7 1 4 4 0 0

Losses during 1944

Name Date Cause Gunfire Ship Torpedo Submarine Torpedo Aircraft Torpedo Mine Bombs Accident Other
Janus 23-Jan-44 Probably aircraft torpedo, but possibly Hs.293A glider bomb
Hardy 30-Jan-44 Torpedoed by U278
Warwick 20-Feb-44 Torpedoed by U413
Inglefield 25-Feb-44 Hit by Hs.293A glider bomb
Maharatta 25-Feb-44 Torpedoed by U990
Laforey 30-Mar-44 Torpedoed by U223
Athabaskan 29-Apr-44 Torpedoed by German T24
Wrestler 6-Jun-44 Mined
CTL, scrapped 15-Aug-44
Boadicea 13-Jun-44 Torpedoed by Ju.88
Fury 21-Jun-44 Mined
CTL, scrapped Sep-44
Swift 24-Jun-44 Mined
Isis 20-Jul-44 Probably mined, but could have been torpedoed
Goathland 24-Jul-44 Mined
CTL, scrapped Feb-46
Quorn 3-Aug-44 Human torpedo
Rockingham 27-Sep-44 Mined
Loyal 12-Oct-44 Mined
CTL, scrapped Aug-48
Skeena RCN 25-Oct-44 Grounding at Reykjavík, Iceland
Salved and scrapped 1946
Wensleydale 21-Nov-44 Collision with HM LST-367
CTL, scrapped Feb-46
Aldenham 14-Dec-44 Mined
Total 0 1 5 2 8 1 2 0

Losses during 1945

Name Date Cause Gunfire Ship Torpedo Submarine Torpedo Aircraft Torpedo Mine Bombs Accident Other
Walpole 6-Jan-45 Mined
Pathfinder 11-Feb-45 Bombed by Japanese Army aircraft
CTL, scrapped 1948
Total 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0

Total Losses

Cause Number
Gunfire 14.5
Ship Torpedo 10
Submarine Torpedo 35
Aircraft Torpedo 5.5
Mine 27
Bombs 48
Accident 12
Other 1
Total 2 153


  • ^The Admiralty report on the loss of Khartoum includes a theory that the torpedo air flask explosion that led to her loss could have been the result of corrosion or a manufacturing flaw and that similar air flask explosions had previously been reported in other ships. However, inspections of other destroyers failed to find corrosion problems of this nature and the exact cause of her loss probably cannot be determined.
  • ^

    The following warships are sometimes noted, but in my opinion they were not RN war losses.

    Branlebas - Ex-French torpedo boat, 600 tonnes class. Foundered in bad weather while under RN control. This was a TB, not a destroyer, and was more the size of a corvette.

    HMS Bruce - I had a chuckle about this one as she is listed as being "Lost" on 22 Nov. 1939 in "Warships of World War II" yet I could not find her listed anywhere else as a war loss. Some references I consulted did not even include her as a World War II warship. I finally found that she had been decommissioned and designated as a target. She was sunk during exercises off Hong Kong. The date of her sinking is, of course, after the start of the European War but prior to the start of the Pacific War. Having been sunk as a target, she cannot be considered as a war loss.

    RNN Eskdale (ex-HMS Eskdale) - A Hunt class destroyer transferred to Norwegian control. Hit by two torpedoes fired by S-90 and sunk on 14 Apr. 1943. Not a RN warship at the time of her loss.

    RHN Adrias (ex-HMS Border) - A Hunt class destroyer transferred to Greek control. Declared CTL after being mined on 22 Oct. 1943. Not a RN warship at the time she was damaged.

    HMS Saumarez - Declared CTL after striking a mine on 22 Oct. 1945 while transiting the Corfu Straits in Albanian waters. Note the date, this was a post-war loss.


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