Specific Tapatalk Notes

  • Important Note: These forums sometimes "misplace" posts, so please save long and important ones to your hard drive before clicking on the submit button.
  • You must be a registered Tapatalk participant in order to post on these forums. You may sign up by clicking HERE.
  • If you are having difficulty registering or logging in, please understand that NavWeaps is not allowed to access your account. You need to send an Email with whatever login information you have to support@tapatalk.com. Taptalk should respond within three business days.
  • Threads that become overly long are sometimes locked for various reasons. When you see a locked thread that you want to respond to, please start a new thread.
  • If you haven't been in here in awhile, Tapatalk has changed the rules. You can no longer use your Yuku credentials to log onto the boards. You must register as a Tapatalk user and then you can link your old Yuku account to your new Tapatalk account. Your previous posts will now be accessible. Please see this link for the procedure for registering and linking your accounts. Yuku to Tapatalk Account Migration Procedure

General Etiquette Rules

These forums operate on the "honor" principle; they are open to all with very few restrictions on content, but they are moderated to some extent.

Participants on these forums are expected to treat each other with dignity and respect. All participants have the right to engage in heated and even passionate debate. Please remember that an attack on your opinion is NOT an attack on you, personally. Try not to take everything said to heart and you will enjoy yourself more.

However, in order to maintain a proper level of discourse, the following kinds of postings are prohibited:

  • Using offensive language or posting offensive pictures
  • Launching personal attacks against another participant (insults, racial slurs, trolling, flame wars, etc.)
  • Posting blatantly false and/or misleading information (hypothetical situations are not covered by this restriction)
  • Posting Spam or Advertising
  • Posting unlawful statements (such as death threats)
  • And the ever popular: Posting something that really annoys the Moderator

Such postings will be deleted immediately. Individuals who engage in such activity will be publicly warned. Individuals who persist in such behavior will have their posting privileges temporarily or permanently revoked.

Note: I generally back up my Moderators, so "appealing to authority" is not a recommended course of action.

We wish to stress, however, especially for the younger folk and their parents, that you may find an occasional swear word on these forums. We urge that if you are under 18 that you ask your parents to join you when you are viewing the forums, so they can explain why some of the debates are sometimes quite heated. Perhaps they can learn some new things as well!

If you find a thread or post that you feel violates the above guidelines, then please post a message on that thread with "Moderator Alert" in the Subject Field and a description of the problem.

It is recommended that you read the following webpage before posting: NavWeaps Privacy Policy and Legal Notices.