These lists are in alphabetical order and ships are listed under their official Navy names. For example, a reunion for USS Charles Ausburne DD-570 would be listed under "C," not "A."

Contact and Reunion Listings

If you contact someone on these lists, it would be very much appreciated if you would tell them where you found the information and ask them to contact NavWeaps of any future changes. Just send me an Email by clicking on the Contact link above or below and I'll be happy to oblige with an update. If you cannot find the association or ship that you are looking for in these lists, then please see Other Resources below.

Reunion listings are maintained for three years. This is meant as an aid to help former crewmembers find previous reunion and - hopefully - current contacts for their old ships.

How to add to or correct these Lists

Please note, this website is operated only as a part-time hobby and not as a full-time occupation. For that reason, I necessarily depend upon Reunion Associations to contact NavWeaps about any changes needed to their listing, including details for the next reunion. So, if you find that I do not have your next reunion listed, or that I have an error in your listing, or if you know of a Contact or a Reunion not listed here, won't you please take a minute to let me know?  Just send me an Email by clicking on the Contact link above or below and I'll gladly do an update.

Please include the following information:

  • The name and designation of your ship, such as "USS Charles Ausburne DD-570"
  • The contact's name, Email and Snail mail addresses and phone number. If this is the same person and information as already listed in my files, then just say so.
  • Dates and location of the reunion. You may include the name of the resort or hotel where the reunion is to be held.

Other Resources

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Other Internet Reunion Webpages

For other USN contact and reunion listings that may not appear in my lists, try these Off-site webpages (clicking on these links will open a new webpage):

Looking for British (Royal) Navy Contacts?

US Merchant Marine

NavWeaps does not have information on US Merchant Marine ships or sailors, but you might try this Off-site webpage: