Whatever happened to my ship?

One of our most popular questions. The following Off-site link is to the official US Navy webpages for ship status. Please remember, the Navy lists ships alphabetically by their first name, so USS Charles F. Adams (DDG-2) would be listed under "C," not "A."

USN Naval Vessel Register

Note: The above link is NOT to part of NavWeaps, it is to official US Department of Defense (DOD) webpages. So, if you find an error or have a question, please send an Email to the address given at those sites.

Another Off-site website that may help you is NavSource.

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Where can I find a picture of my ship?

Looking for on-line photographs or the official history (DANFS) of your ship? Try these Off-site links.

Where can I find Official Documents?

We get numerous requests for UK and US Government information on ships, service records, crew rosters, log books, photographs, plank owner certificates, war diaries, etc. Sorry, but the Webmasters of NavWeaps do not personally own any of these kinds of documents. In order to free up our time, we have created this section that shows all the information that we have as to where and how you can get these documents. Please note, everything we know about finding this kind of information is given below, we have nothing else in this area. If you send us an Email asking for further information, we can only direct you back to this webpage.

Documents for the United States Navy

Cruise Books

Some libraries have copies of US Navy Cruise Books. The Department of the Navy has a very brief listing of these books plus other information at these Off-site webpages:

Photographs and other Documents

The following Off-site websites sell photos and other documents:

For obtaining photographs directly from the US Navy:

US Merchant Marine

For information regarding US Merchant Marine ships and personnel:

Documents for the Royal (British) Navy