Japanese Forces

  • Capt. Kaju Sugiura

Destroyer Division 4

Part of Destroyer Squadron 10, 3rd Fleet
  • Capt. Kaju Sugiura
  • DD Hagikaze (force flagship)(force flagship) (sunk)(sunk)
    Commanding officer: Lt. Commander Masashiro Makoshi
  • DD Arashi (sunk)(sunk)
    Commanding officer: Commander Koushichi Sugioka

Destroyer Squadron 2

Part of 2nd Fleet

Destroyer Division 24

  • DD Kawakaze (sunk)(sunk)
    Commanding officer: Lt. Commander Yoshio Yanase

Destroyer Division 27

  • Capt. Tamechi Hara
  • DD Shigure (flagship)(flagship)
    Commanding officer: Lt. Commander Kimio Yamagami

American Forces

Task Group 31.2
  • Commander Frederick Moosbrugger
  • Dunlap (DD-384) (flagship)(flagship)
  • Craven (DD-382)
  • Maury (DD-401)
  • Lang (DD-399)
  • Sterett (DD-407)
    Commanding officer: Commander Rodger Simpson
  • Stack (DD-406)


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