Japanese Forces

Center Force
  • VADM T. Kurita

First Section

  • VADM T. Kurita

Battleship Division 1

  • VADM M. Ugaki
  • BB Yamato
    Commanding officer: RADM N. Morishita
  • BB Musashi
    Commanding officer: RADM J. Inoguchi
  • BB Nagato
    Commanding officer: RADM Y. Kobe

Cruiser Division 4

  • VADM T. Kurita
  • CA Atago (sunk)(sunk)
    Commanding officer: CAPT D. Araki (killed)
    Notes: Sunk by four torpedoes from Darter; 360 killed, 700 survivors.
  • CA Takao (damaged)(damaged)
    Commanding officer: CAPT S. Onoda
    Notes: Hit by two torpedoes from Darter; 33 killed, ship never repaired.
  • CA Chokai
    Commanding officer: CAPT K. Ariga
  • CA Maya (sunk)(sunk)
    Commanding officer: CAPT R. Ooe (killed)
    Notes: Sunk by four torpedoes from Dace; 336 killed, 769 survivors (134 later lost aboard Musashi.)

Cruiser Division 5

  • VADM S. Hashimoto
  • CA Myoko
    Commanding officer: CAPT H. Ishiwara
  • CA Haguro
    Commanding officer: CAPT K. Sugiura

Destroyer Squadron 2

  • RADM M. Mayakawa
  • CL Noshiro
    Commanding officer: CAPT S. Kajiwara
  • DD Shimikaze
Destroyer Division 2
  • CAPT N. Shiraishi
  • DD Hayashimo
  • DD Akishimo
Destroyer Division 31
  • CAPT T. Fukuoka
  • DD Kishinami
  • DD Okinami
  • DD Naganami
    Notes: Detached to escort Takao to Brunei.
  • DD Asashimo
    Notes: Detached to escort Takao to Brunei.
Destroyer Division 32
  • CAPT K. Aoki
  • DD Hamanami
  • DD Fujinami

Second Section

  • VADM Y. Suzuki

Battleship Division 3

  • VADM Y. Suzuki
  • BB Kongo
    Commanding officer: RADM T. Shimazaki
  • BB Haruna
    Commanding officer: RADM K. Shigenaga

Cruiser Division 7

  • VADM K. Shiraishi
  • CA Kumano
    Commanding officer: CAPT S. Hitomi
  • CA Suzuya
    Commanding officer: CAPT W. Takahashi
  • CA Chikuma
    Commanding officer: CAPT S. Norimitsu
  • CA Tone
    Commanding officer: CAPT H. Mayazumi

Destroyer Squadron 10

  • RADM S. Kimura
  • CL Yahagi
    Commanding officer: CAPT M. Yoshimura
  • DD Nowaki
  • DD Kiyoshimo
Destroyer Division 17
  • CAPT T. Tanii
  • DD Urakaze
  • DD Yukikaze
  • DD Hamakaze
  • DD Isokaze

American Forces

From Task Group 71.1 Supporting Submarines, Seventh Fleet
  • RADM R. W. Christie
    Notes: At Fremantle.
  • SS Darter (sunk)(sunk)
    Commanding officer: CDR D. H. McClintock
    Notes: Lost by grounding; abandoned and scuttled.
  • SS Dace
    Commanding officer: CDR B. D. Claggett


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  • The Battle of Leyte Gulf by C. Vann Woodward
  • Battle History of the IJN by Dull