Japanese Forces

TA Operation No. 3
  • Admiral Mikio Hayakawa (killed)

Destroyer Squadron 2

Part of 2nd Fleet
  • Admiral Mikio Hayakawa (killed)
  • DD Shimakaze (force flagship)(force flagship) (sunk)(sunk)
    Commanding officer: Cmdr. Hiroshi Uwai

Destroyer Division 31

  • DD Naganami (sunk)(sunk)
    Commanding officer: Lt. Cmdr. Kiyoshi Tobita
  • DD Asashimo
    Commanding officer: Lt. Cmdr. Yoshirou Sugihara

Destroyer Division 32

  • Captain Ichitaro Oshima
  • DD Hamanami (sunk)(sunk)
    Commanding officer: Cmdr. Masayoshi Motokura


Unknown assignment
  • DD Wakatsuki (sunk)(sunk)
    Commanding officer: Cmdr. Yasuatsu Suzuki

Other warships

  • MS No. 30 (sunk)(sunk)
  • SC No. 46


  • TR Celebes Maru (sunk)(sunk)
    Notes: Grounded off Bondoc Peninsula.
  • TR Taizan Maru (sunk)(sunk)
  • TR Mikasa Maru (sunk)(sunk)
  • TR Seiho Maru (sunk)(sunk)
  • TR Tensho Maru (sunk)(sunk)

Convoy was carrying 2,000 men of the 26th Army Division and 6,000 tons of munitions.

American Forces

USN aircraft flew almost 350 sorties against TA Operation No. 3.

Task Force 38

  • Rear Admiral Frederick C. Sherman
    Notes: Temporarily in command of Task Force 38.

Task Force 38.1

  • Rear Admiral Montgomery
  • CV Hornet
  • CVL Monterey
  • CVL Cowpens

No documentation of escorts.

Task Force 38.3

  • Rear Admiral Frederick C. Sherman
  • CV Essex
  • CV Ticonderoga
  • CVL Langley

No documentation of escorts.

Task Force 38.4

  • Rear Admiral Davison
  • CV Enterprise
  • CVL San Jacinto

No documentation of escorts.

Other warships

  • PT-321
  • PT-324