Japanese Forces

10th Area Fleet
  • Vice Admiral Shigeru Fukudome
    Notes: At Singapore.

Sentai 5

  • Rear Admiral Shintaro Hashimoto (killed)
  • CA Haguro (sunk)(sunk)
    Commanding officer: Captain Kaju Sugiura (killed)
    Notes: Damaged by two Mk IX torpedoes. Sunk after third hit, ~0205Z, 5° 00' N, 99° 30' E, 45 miles NW Penang. Approximately 900 killed, 320 survivors.
  • CA Ashigara
    Notes: Not present.


  • DD Kamikaze
    Commanding officer: Lt. Cdr. Hitoshi Kasuga
    Notes: Detached after initial damage to Haguro, later returned to pick up survivors.

British Forces

East Indies Fleet

Only 26th Destroyer Flotilla was engaged in combat.

  • Vice Admiral Sir John Power

Force 61

  • Vice Admiral H.T.C. Walker

Group II

Sailed first, 0600 10th May
21st Escort Carrier Squadron
  • Commodore G.N. Oliver
  • CVE Hunter
  • CVE Khedive
  • CVE Emperor
  • CVE Shah
  • CL Royalist (flagship)(flagship)
Destroyer Flotilla 11
  • Captain H. Biggs
  • DD Rotheram (flagship)(flagship)
  • DD Nubian
  • DD Tartar
    Notes: Replaced DD Penn, absent with mechanical problems.

Group I

Sailed second
  • Vice Admiral H.T.C. Walker
  • BB Queen Elizabeth (force flagship)(force flagship)
  • CL Tromp
  • DD Tartar
  • DD Eskimo

Group III

Sailed third
  • Rear Admiral Patterson
  • CA Cumberland (flagship)(flagship)
  • BB Richelieu
26th Destroyer Flotilla
  • Captain Manley L. Power
  • DD Saumarez (damaged)(damaged)
    Commanding officer: Captain Power, CBE, DSO (awarded bar to DSO)
    Notes: Damaged by several 8in shells.
  • DD Venus
    Commanding officer: Cdr. G. de Chair, DSC (awarded bar to DSC)
  • DD Verulam
    Commanding officer: Lt. Cdr. D. Bromley (awarded DSC)
  • DD Vigilant
    Commanding officer: Cdr. W. Argles (awarded DSC)
  • DD Virago
    Commanding officer: Lt. Cdr. A.J.R. White (awarded DSC)
  • DD Verulam
    Notes: Absent for maintenance, sailed later.

Force 70 (Refueling Group)

Sailed fourth
  • Oiler Echodale
  • DD Paladin

Patrolling Submarines

  • SS Subtle
    Commanding officer: Lt. B.J.B Andrew
    Notes: Patrolling the central channel of the narrows of the Malacca Straits.
  • SS Statesman
    Commanding officer: Lt. R.G.P. Bulkeley
    Notes: Patrolling the eastern channel of the narrows of the Malacca Straits.
  • SS Scythian
    Commanding officer: Lt. C.P. Thode, RNZNVR
    Notes: Patrolling the western channel of the narrows of the Malacca Straits.

Force 62

Sailed from Trincomcalee on 13th May
  • CL Nigeria
  • DD Racehorse
  • DD Roebuck
  • DD Reboubt
  • DD Rocket
    Notes: Joined 14th May.

Force 67

Sailed from Trincomcalee on 13th May
  • Oiler Olwen
  • DD Penn
    Notes: Returned from repair.


  • Sink the Haguro! by John Winton
  • Japanese Cruisers of the Pacific War by Eric Lacroix and Linton Wells II