Japanese Forces

Fifth (Northern) Fleet
  • Admiral Yamamoto Isoroku
    Position: Commander-in-Chief, Combined Fleet
  • Vice Admiral Hosogaya Boshiro
    Position: Commander-in-Chief, Fifth Fleet

Cruiser Division 21

  • CA Nachi (force flagship)(force flagship) (damaged)(damaged)
    Notes: Myoko Class. Damaged by five shell hits, 14 killed, 27 wounded.
  • CA Maya
    Notes: Improved Takao Class. Temporarily detached from Cruiser Division 4.
  • CL Tama
    Notes: Kuma Class.

Destroyer Division 21

  • DD Hatsushimo
    Commanding officer: CDR Iritomo Atsuo
    Notes: Hatsuharu Class.
  • DD Wakaba
    Commanding officer: LCDR Kuroki Masakichi
    Notes: Hatsuharu Class.

D Convoy

  • Rear Admiral Mori Tomoichi

Destroyer Squadron 1

  • Rear Admiral Mori Tomoichi
  • CL Abukuma (force flagship)(force flagship)
    Notes: Nagara Class
Destroyer Division 6
  • Inazuma
    Commanding officer: LCDR Terauchi Masamichi
    Notes: Akatsuki Class.
  • Ikazuchi
    Commanding officer: LCDR Maeda Saneho
    Notes: Akatsuki Class.

Fast transports

  • Asaka Maru
  • Sakito Maru

Second Escort Force

  • DD Usugumo
    Commanding officer: LCDR Ikeda Shunsaku
    Notes: Fubuki Class.
  • Sanko Maru
    Notes: IJA chartered "slow transport" attached directly to Fifth Fleet. Limited to 10 knots. Carrying food, ammo, building materials.

American Forces

Task Group 16.6
  • Admiral Chester W. Nimitz
    Position: Commander-in-Chief, Pacific Ocean Areas
  • Rear Admiral Thomas C. Kinkaid
    Position: Commander, Task Force 16
  • Rear Admiral Charles H. "Soc(rates)" McMorris
    Position: Commander, Task Group 16.6

Cruiser Division 1

  • Rear Admiral McMorris
  • Salt Lake City (CA-25) (damaged)(damaged)
    Commanding officer: Captain Bertram J. Rodgers
    Crew: CDR Worthington S. Bitler (Position: Executive Officer)
    Notes: Pensacola Class. Equipped with SG radar. Temporarily detached from Cruiser Division 5 Damaged by four shells and near misses.
  • Richmond (CL-9) (force flagship)(force flagship)
    Commanding officer: Captain Theodore Waldschmidt
    Notes: Omaha Class. Equipped with SG radar.

Destroyer Squadron 14

  • Captain Ralph Riggs
  • Bailey (DD-492) (flagship)(flagship) (damaged)(damaged)
    Commanding officer: LCDR John Atkeson
    Notes: Benson Class. Struck by two shells.
  • Coghlan (DD-606)
    Commanding officer: CDR Benjamin Tompkins
    Notes: Benson Class.
  • Dale (DD-353)
    Commanding officer: CDR Anthony Rorschach
    Crew: LCDR Ken Robinson (Position: Executive Officer)
    Notes: Farragut Class. Equipped with SG radar.
  • Monaghan (DD-354)
    Commanding officer: LCDR Peter Horn
    Crew: LCDR Hart Kait (Position: Executive Officer)
    Notes: Farragut Class. Equipped with SG radar.


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