Japanese Forces

Covering Force

  • Rear Admiral Shunji Izaki
    Position: Commander, Destroyer Squadron 2

Destroyer Squadron 2

Part of 2nd Fleet
  • CL Jintsu (force flagship)(force flagship) (sunk)(sunk)
Destroyer Division 31
  • DD Kiyonami
    Commanding officer: Commander Tokiyoshi Arima

Destroyer Division 27

Part of Destroyer Squadron 4, 2nd Fleet
  • DD Yugure
    Commanding officer: Commander Kiyoshi Kamo

Destroyer Squadron 10

Part of 3rd Fleet
Destroyer Division 16
  • DD Yukikaze
    Commanding officer: Commander Ryokichi Kanma
Destroyer Division 17
  • DD Hamakaze
    Commanding officer: Commander Hiroshi Uwai

Destroyer Division 30

Part of Destroyer Squadron 3, 8th Fleet
  • DD Mikazuki
    Commanding officer: Lt. Commander Saneho Maeda

Transport Force

From 8th Fleet

Carrying 1200 troops.

Destroyer Division 22

Part of Destroyer Squadron 3
  • DD Satsuki
    Commanding officer: Lt. Commander Shiro Koizumi
  • DD Minazuki
    Commanding officer: Lt. Commander Tsuyoshi Fukuyama

1st Surface Escort Division

  • DD Matsukaze

2nd Surface Escort Division

  • DD Yunagi
    Commanding officer: Lt. Commander Masanori Kashima

American Forces

Task Force 36.1
  • Rear Admiral Walden L. Ainsworth

Cruiser Division 9

  • Honolulu (CL-48)
  • St. Louis (CL-49)
  • CL Leander
    Commanding officer: Capt. S. W. Roskill
    Notes: Royal New Zealand Navy

Destroyer Squadron 21

  • Captain McInerney
  • Nicholas (DD-449)
  • O'Bannon (DD-450)
  • Taylor (DD-468)
  • Jenkins (DD-447)
  • Radford (DD-446)

Destroyer Squadron 12

  • Captain Ryan
  • Ralph Talbot (DD-390)
  • Buchanan (DD-484)
  • Maury (DD-401)
  • Woodworth (DD-460)
  • Gwin (DD-433) (sunk)(sunk)


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