French Forces

Special Group 7
  • Capt. Regis Berenger

Section 1

  • Lamotte-Picquet
    Commanding officer: Capt. Berenger
    Notes: Light cruser.

Section 2

  • Amiral Charner
    Commanding officer: Lt. Comm. Le Calvez
    Notes: Sloop.
  • Dumont d'Urville
    Commanding officer: Comm. de Quievrecourt
    Notes: Sloop.

Section 3

  • Marne
    Commanding officer: Lt. Comm. Marc
    Notes: Sloop.
  • Tahure
    Commanding officer: Lt. Comm. Mercadier
    Notes: Sloop.

Thai Forces

Coast defense ships

  • Sri Ayuthia (sunk)(sunk)
    Commanding officer: Comm. Luang Sangwon Yutthakit
  • Dhonburi (sunk)(sunk)
    Commanding officer: Comm. Luang Prom Wiraphan

Torpedo boats

  • Trad (sunk)(sunk)
  • Chonburi (sunk)(sunk)
  • Rayong
  • Songhkli (sunk)(sunk)


  • Meklong
  • Tachin


  • Bangrachan
  • Nhongarhai

Patrol boat

  • Thiew Uthock


  • Sumui


  • Foong Khap Lai 72
    Notes: 12 Curtiss Hawk III fighters


Units that were beached are also marked above as "sunk".


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  • Ko Chang 1941 by Jozef Dyskant