Japanese Forces

Destroyer Squadron 3, First Fleet
  • Rear Admiral Hashimoto Shintaro
  • CL Sendai (force flagship)(force flagship)
    Commanding officer: Captain Shimazaki Toshio

Destroyer Division 11

  • Captain Shoji Kiichiro
  • DD Hatsuyuki (flagship)(flagship)
    Commanding officer: Lt. Cmdr. Kamiura Junnari
  • DD Shirayuki
    Commanding officer: Lt. Cmdr. Sugawara Rokorou
  • DD Fubuki
    Commanding officer: Lt. Cmdr. Yamashita Shizuo

Destroyer Division 20

  • Captain Yamada Yuji
  • DD Yugiri (flagship)(flagship)
    Commanding officer: Cmdr. Motokura Masayoshi
  • DD Asagiri
    Commanding officer: Cmdr. Arai Yasuo
  • DD Amagiri
    Commanding officer: Cmdr. Ashida Buichi

Other Japanese Ships

  • Transport Kanberra Maru
  • Transport Kansai Maru
  • Minesweeper W-4

Australian and British Forces

  • DD RAN Vampire
    Commanding officer: Cmdr. W.T.A. Moran, RAN
  • DD HMS Thanet (sunk)(sunk)
    Commanding officer: Lt. Cmdr. B.S. Davies, RNR

Some sixty-five survivors from HMS Thanet including Lt. Cmdr. Davies were able to make their way in small groups down the coast back to Singapore. Another 31 were picked up by the Japanese destroyer Shirayuki after the battle. Thirty of the latter were handed over to the Army at Endau the following day. They are believed to have been executed shortly afterwards.


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