Allied Forces

  • Rear Admiral K.W.F.M. Doorman
    Notes: Royal Netherlands Navy.

Light Cruisers

  • De Ruyter
    Commanding officer: Cdr. E.E.B. Lacomblé
    Notes: Royal Netherlands Navy.
  • Java
    Commanding officer: Capt. Ph.B.M. Van Straelen
    Notes: Royal Netherlands Navy.
  • Tromp (damaged)(damaged)
    Commanding officer: Cdr. J.B. de Meester
    Notes: Royal Netherlands Navy. Damaged by eleven shells from Asashio.


  • Pope
    Commanding officer: Lt. Cdr. W.C. Blinn
    Notes: United States Navy.
  • John D. Ford
    Commanding officer: Cdr. E.N. Parker
    Notes: United States Navy.
  • Stewart (damaged)(damaged)
    Notes: Damaged by gunfire.
  • Parrott
  • John D. Edwards
    Commanding officer: Lt. Cdr. H.E. Eccles
    Notes: United States Navy.
  • Pillsbury
  • Piet Hein (sunk)(sunk)
    Commanding officer: Lt. Cdr. J.M.L.I. Chömpff
    Notes: Torpedoed by Asashio.

Motor Torpedo Boats

Royal Netherlands Navy
  • TM-5
  • TM-6 (damaged)(damaged)
    Notes: Damaged accidentally, unable to participate.
  • TM-8
  • TM-9
  • TM-10
  • TM-11
  • TM-13
    Notes: Rescue boat, without torpedoes?
  • TM-15

Japanese Forces

Destroyer Division 8, part of Destroyer Squadron 2, Second Fleet
  • Asashio (minimally damaged)(minimally damaged)
    Commanding officer: Lt. Cdr. Gorou Yoshii
    Notes: Escorting Sasago Maru. Four killed.
  • Oshio (damaged)(damaged)
    Commanding officer: Cdr. Kiyoshi Kikkawa
    Notes: Damaged by gunfire; seven killed. Escorting Sasago Maru.
  • Michishio (damaged)(damaged)
    Commanding officer: Lt. Cdr. Masami Ogura
    Notes: Damaged by gunfire from John D. Edwards et al; thirteen killed, eighty-three wounded. Escorting Sagami Maru.
  • Arashio
    Commanding officer: Cdr. Hideo Kuboki
    Notes: Escorting Sagami Maru.


  • Battle History of the Imperial Japanese Navy by Paul S. Dull
  • Nihon Kaigun website