Japanese Forces

  • Rear Admiral Sentaro Omori

Sentai 5

  • CA Myoko (fleet flagship)(fleet flagship)
  • CA Haguro


  • Rear Admiral Hiroshi Matsubara

Destroyer Squadron 3

  • Rear Admiral Matsuji Ijuin
  • CL Sendai (flagship)(flagship) (sunk)(sunk)
Destroyer Division 27
  • Captain Tamechi Hara
    Notes: Aboard Shigure.
  • DD Shigure
    Commanding officer: Lt. Commander Kimio Yamaguchi
  • DD Samidare
    Commanding officer: Lt. Commander Yoshiro Sugihara
  • DD Shiratsuyu
    Commanding officer: Lt. Commander Kuro Matsuda

Destroyer Squadron 2

  • DD Naganami
    Commanding officer: Commander Tsutae Kumabe

Destroyer Squadron 10

  • CL Agano (force flagship)(force flagship)
  • DD Hatsukaze (sunk)(sunk)
    Commanding officer: Commander Buichi Ashida
  • DD Wakasuki
    Commanding officer: Commander Yasuatsu Suzuki

American Forces

Task Force 39
  • Rear Admiral Aaron S. "Tip" Merrill

Cruiser Division 12

  • CL Montpelier (fleet flagship)(fleet flagship)
  • CL Cleveland
  • CL Columbia
  • CL Denver

Destroyer Squadron 23

  • Captain Arleigh A. Burke

Destroyer Division 45

  • DD Charles F. Ausburne (force flagship)(force flagship)
    Commanding officer: Commander Luther K. Reynolds
  • DD Dyson
    Commanding officer: Commander R. A. Gano
  • DD Stanley
  • DD Claxton

Destroyer Division 46

  • Commander B. L. "Count" Austin
  • DD Spence (flagship)(flagship)
  • DD Thatcher
  • DD Converse
    Commanding officer: Commander D. C. Hamberger
  • DD Foote


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