Allied Forces

15th Cruiser Division

  • Rear-Admiral Philip Vian
  • CL Cleopatra (flagship)(flagship)
    Commanding officer: Capt Guy Grantham
  • CL Dido
    Commanding officer: Capt H.W. McCall
  • CL Euryalus
    Commanding officer: Capt Eric Bush
  • CLAA Carlisle
    Commanding officer: Capt D.M.L. Neame

Force K

  • CL Penelope
    Commanding officer: Capt A.D. Nicholl
  • DD Legion
    Commanding officer: Cdr R.F. Jessel

14th Destroyer Flotilla

  • Capt. A. L. Poland
  • DD Jervis
  • DD Kipling
  • DD Kelvin
  • DD Kingston

22nd Destroyer Flotilla

  • Capt. St. J. A. Micklethwaite
  • DD Sikh
    Commanding officer: Capt. St. J. A. Micklethwaite
  • DD Hero
    Commanding officer: Cdr R.L. Fisher
  • DD Lively
  • DD Havock
  • DD Hasty
    Commanding officer: Cdr H.R. Graham
  • DD Zulu

5th Destroyer Flotilla

Hunt Class Escort Destroyers
  • DD Southwold
    Commanding officer: Cdr C.T. Jellicoe
  • DD Beaufort
  • DD Dulverton
  • DD Hurworth
  • DD Avon Vale
  • DD Eridge
  • DD Heythrop

Convoy MW.10

  • Capt C.A.G. Hutchison
    Position: Convoy commodore
  • Aux. Breconshire
    Commanding officer: Capt C.A.G. Hutchison
  • MS Clan Campbell
  • MS Pampas
  • MS Talabot
    Notes: Norwegian.

Italian Forces

  • Vice-Admiral Angelo Iachino


  • BB Littorio (fleet flagship)(fleet flagship)

3rd Cruiser Division

  • Rear-Admiral Angelo Parona
  • CA Gorizia (flagship)(flagship)
  • CA Trento
  • CL Bande Nere

11th Destroyer Flotilla

  • DD Ascari
  • DD Aviere
  • DD Oriani
  • DD Grecale

13th Destroyer Flotilla

  • DD Alpino
  • DD Bersagliere
  • DD Fuciliere
  • DD Lanciere


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