British Forces

Force H

  • Vice-Adm. Sir James Sommerville
  • BC Hood (flagship)(flagship) (minimally damaged)(minimally damaged)
  • BB Resolution
  • BB Valiant
  • CV Ark Royal
    Commanding officer: Capt. C. S. Holland
    Notes: 1
    • 800 Squadron
      Notes: 12 Skuas.
    • 803 Squadron
      Notes: 12 Skuas.
    • 810 Squadron
      Notes: 12 Swordfish.
    • 818 Squadron
      Notes: 9 Swordfish.
    • 820 Squadron
      Notes: 9 Swordfish.
  • CL Arethusa
  • CL Enterprise

8th Destroyer Flotilla

  • Captain A.F. de Salis
  • DD Faulknor (flagship)(flagship)
  • DD Foxhound
  • DD Fearless
  • DD Forester
  • DD Foresight
  • DD Escort

13th Destroyer Flotilla

  • LtC. E.G. Heywood Lonsdale
  • DD Keppel (flagship)(flagship)
  • DD Active
  • DD Wrestler
  • DD Vidette
  • DD Vortigern

French Forces

Force de Raid

  • Vice Admiral Marcel-Bruno Gensoul

1st Line Division

  • Vice Admiral Marcel-Bruno Gensoul
  • BB Strasbourg (fleet flagship)(fleet flagship)
    Commanding officer: Captain Barrois
  • BB Dunkerque (damaged)(damaged)
    Commanding officer: Captain Louis Collinet

2nd Line Division

  • Rear Admiral J.F.E. Bouxin
  • BB Provence (flagship)(flagship) (damaged)(damaged)
    Commanding officer: Captain Gabriel Barois
  • BB Bretagne (sunk)(sunk)
    Commanding officer: Captain Le Pivain

2nd Light Squadron

  • Rear Admiral C.A. Lacroix
6th Scout Division
  • Rear Admiral C.A. Lacroix
  • DL Mogador (force flagship)(force flagship) (seriously damaged)(seriously damaged)
  • DL Volta
4th Scout Division
  • Captain M. De la Forest Divionne
  • DL Tigre (flagship)(flagship)
  • DL Lynx
Elements of the 9th and 10th Scout Divisions
  • DL Kersaint
  • DL Le Terrible (minimally damaged)(minimally damaged)

Seaplane Tender

  • Commandant Teste
    Commanding officer: Captain Lemaire

Ships at the Port of Oran

To the east of Mers-el-Kebir

7th Destroyer Division

  • Commander J.P.M. Murgue
  • DD Tramontane (flagship)(flagship)
  • DD Tornade
  • DD Typhon

8th Destroyer Division

  • Commander D.F.M. Bourgoing
  • DD Bordelais (flagship)(flagship)
  • DD Trombe

5th Destroyer Division

  • Commander J.L.C. Kraft
  • DD Brestois (flagship)(flagship)
  • DD Boulonnais

13th Destroyer Division

  • TB La Bayonnaise
  • TB La Poursuivante


  • Rigault de Genouilly (damaged)(damaged)
    Notes: Colonial gunboat.
  • 6 submarines
    Notes: Only 3 were operational.
  • Various smaller warships

Shore Batteries

  • Fort Santoni
    Notes: 3 x 194mm guns.
  • Gambetta Battery
    Notes: 4 x 120mm guns.
  • Espagnole Battery
    Notes: 2 x 75mm guns.
  • Canastel Battery
    Notes: 3 x 240mm guns


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