Italian Forces

4th Division
  • Contrammiraglio Admiral Antonio Toscano
  • Alberico da Barbiano
    Commanding officer: Capitano di Vascello Rodocannacchi
  • Alberto di Giussano
    Commanding officer: Capitano di Vascello Marabotto
  • Cigno
    Commanding officer: Capitano di Corvetta Riccardi
    Notes: Torpedo boat substituted for Bande Nere, when that cruiser had mechanical problems.

Allied Forces

4th Destroyer Flotilla
  • Commander G. H. Stokes
  • Sikh
    Commanding officer: Commander Stokes
  • Maori
    Commanding officer: Commander R. E. Courage
  • Legion
    Commanding officer: Commander R. F. Jessel
  • Isaac Sweers
    Commanding officer: Commander T. Houtsmuller
    Notes: Royal Netherlands Navy.


Information drawn mainly from:

  • Sea Battles in Close Up No. 11, The Battle of the Malta Striking Forces by P. Smith & E. Walker