Polish Forces

  • ML Gryf
    Commanding officer: Cmdr. Stanislaw Hryniewiecki
    Notes: Hit by two 12.7 cm shells, killing four. Sunk by German airforces later in the day.
  • DD Wicher
    Commanding officer: Cmdr. Stefan de Walden
    Notes: Hit by splinters from a near miss, wounding two. Sunk by German airforces later in the day.
  • Shore Battery Cyplowa
    Notes: (4) 15.2 cm guns.
  • Shore Battery Dunska
    Notes: (1) 10.5 cm gun.
  • Shore Battery Grecka
    Notes: (1) 10.5 cm gun.

Later in the day, German airforces also sank a gunboat and some smaller auxillary vessels.

German Forces

  • Konter-admiral Günther Lütjens
    Position: Führer der Torpedoboote
  • DD Z.1 Leberecht Maass (flagship)(flagship)
    Commanding officer: Cmdr. Fritz Bassenge
    Notes: Hit by one 15.2 cm shell near No. 2 gun, killing four and wounding four. She fired a total of 74 rounds during the one-hour action. Repaired at Swinemunde, she was fully battleworthy by 10 September.
  • DD Z.9 Wolfgang Zenker
    Commanding officer: Lt. Cmdr. Gottfried Pönitz


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