Order of Battle
Battle of Coronel
1 November 1914
Contributed by Richard Hawes

British Forces

Rear Admiral Sir Christopher Cradock, formerly C-in-C, North America and West Indies Station, now C-in-C South American Station

HMS Good Hope* (F)            Captain P. Francklin
HMS Monmouth*                    Captain F. Brandt
HMS Glasgow                        Captain J. Luce
HMS Otranto (AMC)

HMS Canopus                        Captain H.S. Grant

Ships under Rear Admiral Stoddart’s command on the east coast of South America:
HMS Caernarvon
HMS Defence
HMS Cornwall
HMS Bristol

HMS Macedonia
HMS Orama as of 14th October 1914

German Forces

East Asiatic Squadron
    Admiral Maximilian Graf von Spee, C-in-C East Asiatic Squadron, Tsingstau
SMS Scharnhorst (F)         Captain Schultz
SMS Gniesenau                 Captain Maerker
SMS Nuremburg                Captain von Schonberg

SMS Emden                        Captain von Mueller
Detached from the East Asiatic Squadron at Pagan in the Mariannas on 13th August 1914, to go raiding in the Indian Ocean.

SMS Leipzig                        Captain Haun
Formerly on station on the West Coast of Mexico, joined von Spee on ~12th October 1914 at Easter Island.  SMS Lepzig was to have been relieved by SMS Karlsruhe, Captain Kohler (SMS Karlruhe sank 4th November 1914 in mid-Atlantic from an internal explosion caused by unstable cordite; but this was not known at the Admiralty for another 3 months)

SMS Dresden                    Captain Ludecke
Formerly on station off the River Plate, joined von Spee on ~12th October 1914 at Easter Island

Supply ships:
AMC Prinz Eitel Freidrich,
Santa Isabel

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