These guns were intended for smaller warships such as submarine-chasers and Flak corvettes. The KM41 was a lighter version but is not believed to have actually entered service. Both of these guns were significantly lighter than the older 8.8 cm (3.46") SK L/45 guns.

The SK C/30 had a barrel and breech ring with a loose liner and a half-length jacket. A vertical sliding breech block was used. The liner was attached to the breech ring with a brass nut and to the jacket with a ring with an asbestos seal to keep out water and other debris. The KM41 used a monobloc barrel with a muzzle brake and used a horizontal sliding breech block. The gun barrel could easily be removed from the breech end-piece.

A number of these naval guns were sold to the Nationalists during the Spanish Civil War where they were used both on ships and as mobile land artillery as can be seen in the photographs below. These guns remained in service until the 1950s.

Many of the older, World War I-era, 8.8 cm SK L/45 weapons were modified during the 1930s and 1940s to use the same ammunition as the SK C/30 and these guns then had similar performance. Guns so modified added (n R) [nachgebohrte Rorhe - "improved drilled barrel"] at the end of their designations, such as 8.8 cm SK L/45 (n R).

Unless otherwise noted, the data below is for the 8.8 cm/45 (3.46") SK C/30.

Gun Characteristics

Designation 8.8 cm/45 (3.46") SK C/30
8.8 cm/45 (3.46") KM41
Ship Class Used On Smaller warships of World War II
Date Of Design C/30: 1930
KM41: 1941
Date In Service C/30: 1933
KM41: 1943 (?)
Gun Weight SK C/30: 2,712 lbs. (1,230 kg)
KM41: 2,116 lbs. (960 kg)
Gun Length oa 155.91 in (3.960 m)
Bore length 145.91 in (3.706 m)
Rifling Length 122.42 in (3.110 m)
Grooves (32) 0.041 in deep x 0.213 in (1.05 mm x 5.4 mm)
Lands 0.126 in (3.2 mm)
Twist Increasing RH 1 in 45 to 1 in 31
Chamber Volume 224 in3 (3.67 dm3)
Rate Of Fire about 15 rounds per minute


Type Fixed
Complete Round Weight N/A
Projectile Types and Weights 1 HE, nose fuze: 19.8 lbs. (9.0 kg)
HE, incendiary: 20.94 lbs. (9.5 kg)
AP: 22.5 lbs. (10.0 kg)
Illum: 20.7 lbs. (9.4 kg)
Bursting Charge N/A
Projectile Length about 14.0 in (385.5 mm)
Propellant Charge 6.22 lbs. (2.82 kg) RPC/38
Muzzle Velocity 2,590 fps (790 mps)
Working Pressure 17.5 tons/in2 (2,750 kg/cm2)
Approximate Barrel Life 7,000 rounds
Ammunition stowage per gun N/A
  • ^There were many different kinds of ammunition for these weapons. The ones listed above are meant to be representative, but by no means is this a complete listing.


Range with 19.8 lbs. (9.0 kg) HE
Elevation Distance
43 degrees 15,500 yards (14,175 m)
AA Ceiling @ 70 degrees about 30,000 feet (9,150 m)

Mount / Turret Data

Designation Single Mountings
    For SK C/30: Biaxial MPLC/30, SKC/30U 1a, Ubts L C/35 1a, Ubts Flak LC/41 1a
    For KM41: Triaxial turntable mounting Flak LM41
Weight MPLC/30: 5.67 tons (5.76 mt)
Flak LM41: 4.675 tons (4.750 mt)
Elevation MPLC/30: -10 / +70 degrees
Flak LM41: -10 / +75 degrees
Elevation Rate Manual operation, only
Cross Leveling MPLC/30: N/A
Flak LM41: + / - 15 degrees
Train N/A
Train Rate Manual operation, only
Gun recoil 6.9 - 11.8 in (17.5 - 30.0 cm)
  • ^ SKC/30U, Ubts L C/35 and Ubts Flak LC/41 were wet-mounts for U-boats.

Additional Pictures


"Naval Weapons of World War Two" by John Campbell
"German Naval Guns: 1939 - 1945" by Miroslaw Skwiot
"Merkbuch: über die Munition der 8,8 cm SK L/45 nachgebohrte Rohre, 8,8 cm FLAK nachgebohrte Rohre, 8,8 cm SK C/30, 8,8 cm SK C/30 U, 8,8 cm Flak 18 M, 8,8 cm Flak 36 M, 8,8 cm KM 41" M.Dv. Nr. 170,16 by Oberkommando der Kriegsmarine

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