The design of the RSM-54 missile started in 1979 and it was accepted into service in 1986. The missile had two possible payloads - four and ten individually targeted warheads. Only a four warhead version was used in service.


Designation RSM-54
Ship Class Used On Delta IV class (Pr. 667BDRM) (16 missiles)
Date In Service 1986
Weight 88,846 lbs. (40,300 kg)
Dimensions Overall: 582.7 x 75 in (1.48 x 1.9 m)
Second Stage: 75 in (190 cm)
Third Stage: 73 in (185 cm)
Payload Four warheads
Total payload weight 6,173 lbs. (2,800 kg)
Range Intercontinental
Propulsion Three-stage liquid fuel rocket


Data from:

  • "Ballisticheskie Rakety Otechestvennogo Flota" (Ballistic Missiles of the Fatherland Fleet) by Yu. L Korshunov and E.M. Kytovoy

Special help from Vladimir Yakubov