The design of the RSM-50 missile started in 1970s and it was accepted into service in 1977. The main difference from the RSM-40 was the ability to carry one, three or seven warheads. Each warhead was individually targeted. The missile had astronavigation, which could correct not only discrepancies in the missile course, but also any mistakes in the position of the launching boat. The trials of the missile started in November 1976 and lasted until September 1977. A total of 22 launches were made during the trials, most of them successful.


Designation RSM-50
Ship Class Used On Delta III class (Pr. 667BDR) (16 missiles)
Date In Service 1977
Weight 77,823 lbs. (35,300 kg)
Dimensions 555 x 71 in (1.4 x 1.8 m)
Payload One, three or seven warheads
Total payload weight 3,638 lbs. (1,650 kg)
Range Intercontinental
Propulsion Two-stage liquid fuel rocket


Data from:

  • "Ballisticheskie Rakety Otechestvennogo Flota" (Ballistic Missiles of the Fatherland Fleet) by Yu. L Korshunov and E.M. Kytovoy

Special help from Vladimir Yakubov