Order of Battle
Battle of the Falklands
8 December 1914
Contributed by Richard Hawes

British Forces
    Vice Admiral Sir Doveton Sturdee

HMS Invincible (F)         Captain P.T.H. Beamish (coaling at 0750)
HMS Inflexible                Captain F. Philmore (coaling at 0750)

C-in-C South America
Rear Admiral A.P. Stoddart

HMS Caernarvon (F)            Captain H.L. deE Skipwith  (coaled by 0750)
HMS Cornwall                       Captain  W.M. Ellerton
    Engine opened up for repairs, coaling at 0750
HMS Kent                               Captain J.D. Allen
    Coaling at 0750
HMS Bristol                            Captain B.H. Fanshawe
    Engine opened up for repairs, coaling at 0750
HMS Macedonia, AMC
    On patrol outside Stanley Harbour at 0750

HMS Glasgow                        Captain J. Luce
    Coaled by 0750
HMS Canopus                        Captain H.S. Grant
    Beached as guardship, Falklands

Ammunition Expenditure

Invincible:  12-in:  513 (128 APC, 259 CPC, 126 HE)
Inflexible:  12-in:  661 (157 APC, 343 CPC, 161 HE)
Carnarvon:  7.5-in:  85; 6-in: 60

It is estimated that about 40 12-in projectiles hit each German Armored Cruiser during the battle.

German Forces

East Asiatic Squadron
    Vice Admiral Maximilian Graf von Spee

SMS Scharnhorst* (F)            Captain Schultz
SMS Gniesenau*                    Captain Maerker
SMS Dresden                         Captain Ludecke
SMS Leipzig*                          Captain Haun
SMS Nuremburg*                    Captain von Schonberg

Baden*, collier
Santa Maria*, collier

* Sunk

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