Order of Battle
Escape of the Goeben
2 - 7 August 1914
Contributed by Richard Hawes

German Forces
    Rear Admiral Wilhelm Souchon

SMS Goeben
SMS Breaslau

British Forces

    Admiral Sir Archibald Milne, C-in-C Mediterranean
    Rear Admiral Ernest Troubridge, 2 i/c Mediterranean

2nd BCS
    Admiral Sir Archibald Milne
HMS Inflexible (F)          Captain R.F. Philmore
HMS Indefatigable        Captain C.F. Sowerby (killed at Jutland while still Captain)
HMS Indomitable           Captain F.W. Kennedy

1st CS
    Rear Admiral Ernest Troubridge
HMS Defence (F)            Captain Fawcett Wray
HMS Black Prince
HMS Duke of Edinburg
HMS Warrior

HMS Dublin                      Captain John Kelly, with 2BCS

HMS Gloucester               Captain Howard Kelly
     To patrol the Straits of Otranto

2 G class (Beagle) destoyers

Also in the Mediterranean:
HMS Chatham
    To watch the Straits of Messina
HMS Weymouth            Captain S. Drury-Lowe
    To watch west of Sicily

14 other G class (Beagle) destroyers

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