Order of Battle
Battle off the Bosporus
10 May 1915
Contributed by Tony DiGiulian

Turkish Forces

Yavuz Sultan Selim, ex SMS Goeben
   Kapitän zur See Ackerman

Gunboat Numune

Gunnery Note

Yavuz fired 128 28cm projectiles but scored no hits.

Damage Note

Yavuz struck by a 12-inch HE projectile on the forecastle which penetrated two decks before detonating on the Zwischendeck.  This damage some fittings and light structures and the port capstan.  A second 12-inch hit was scored by Panteleimon and this struck 2 meters from the outer hull between frames 97 and 103 and passed through before detonating in the water, causing splinter damage and temporarily putting the crew of port No. 2 15cm casemate gun out of action.

Russian Forces

Black Sea Fleet
    Admiral Andrei Eberhard

Cruiser Screen
   Rear Admiral Pokrov

Pamiat Merkuria (F)

Main Body
Battleship Division
   Vice Admiral Novitsky

Evstafi (FF)   Captain 1st Rank Galanin
Ioann Zlatoust   Captain 1st Rank F.A. Winter
Panteleimon (F)   Captain 1st Rank Kaskov

2nd Battleship Brigade
   Rear Admiral Putyatin

Tri Sviatitelia (F)   Captain 1st Rank Lukin
Rostislav   Captain 1st Rank Porembsky

1st, 2nd and 3rd Destroyer Divisions
   Captain 1st Rank Sablin

Derzki Class Destroyers (3)
Old Destroyers (10)

Seaplane Tender

Aleksander I


Svyatoi Nikolai



Gunnery Note

Evstafi fired fifty-eight 12-inch and three 8-inch.
Ioann Zlatoust fired seventy-five 12-inch and four 8-inch
Panteleimon fired twenty-three 12-inch.
Tri Sviatitelia fired thirteen 12-inch.

Damage Note

Evstafi was near missed by several 28cm projectiles and although the hull was shaken, she suffered little damage.

Source:  "Battle on the Seven Seas:  German Cruiser Battles 1914 - 1918" by Gary Staff

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